More with less

The only business software next-gen for real estate agencies allowing you to achieve more, with less time and effort.

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What Reesquare is not

None of the many existing ads broadcaster

What Reesquare is

It is a new generation software totally focused on execution and control of all the real estate agency's activities

Why Reesquare


Real estate agent's job has really transformed during last twenty years.

And it will go on evolving.

Yesterday, today

Once there was only a shop window.
Nowadays you need also pictures and data, website, ads portal, social network.
Once there was only a telephone. Nowadays you deal with internet, emails, digital pictures and stay in your customers' smartphone.
Once you only dealt with sales. Nowadays office workload has become so high to take you away from what makes you earn.

Crafted by those on the battlefield

Customers are always more demanding.
We know it pretty well, we experienced directly.
So we crafted a device to work (and earn) with much less time and effort. Even with more easiness, readiness, speed, ability, precision, timing, and image.

As is a true professional.

Our goal will always be “more with less”.